Alphabiota and its team members have had the opportunity to participate on a variety a different projects and work with a great team of clients. The following is a partial list of current and past Projects in which Alphabiota participated, supplied primary services, and / or provided staffing solutions. 

AERA Petroleum Botanical and Blunt Nosed Leopard Surveys, Taft and Bakersfield areas CA.

Wellhead Solar Development Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard Surveys, Coalinga CA

Porterville Tule River Tribe HUD development project. Habitat and Wetlands Assessment surveys. Porterville, CA

Gordon Mull Housing Development project. Focused Botanical Surveys, Glendora CA

Morgan Hill Chrysler-Dodge Dealership Development, Habitat and Wetlands Assessment, Morgan Hill, CA

Packwood Creek Bridge Development Project, Visalia, CA Habitat and Wetlands Assessment and Permitting.

SCE Pole Replacement Project. Central Valley and Shaver Lake Division Nesting Bird and Botanical Surveys.

On-going Cell Tower nesting bird surveys (Verizon, AT&T) Throughout California

Springville Tule River Tribe HUD Development Project, Habitat and Wetlands Assessment, Porterville, CA

Camarena Clinic Development Project, Habitat and Wetlands Assessment, Chowchilla, CA

Altamont Wind Farm Botanical Surveys, Altamont CA

Needham Ranch CAGN, Nesting Bird Surveys, Botanical Surveys, and Monitoring. Newhall, CA

SCE San Joaquin Cross Valley Loop Central Valley CA

South Fork Kern River Wetland Delineation, Kernville CA

Oxy-Petroleum Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard Surveys, Bakersfield, CA

Gates-King Botanical Survey : Gates Property Development Company, Newhall CA

Hanford Regional Drainage Basin Mitigation Monitoring : Paynter Realty and Investments Inc., Irvine CA

On-Call Services for Fresno County Flood Control District

Clovis and Herndon Shopping Center Owl Surveys : Paynter Realty and Investments Inc., Irvine CA

Granite Mountain Linear Connection (Botanical and Desert Tortoise Surveys), Mojave Desert 

Searchlight Wind Farm, Searchlight Nevada 

Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard Survey, Bakersfield CA

California Condor Monitoring, SESPE Oil Fields. 

Panoche Solar Project, Panoche California.

Maxco Solar Project, Parlier California : Cenergy Power Inc. Irvine, CA

Buena Vista Flood Control Project, Kern County, California

Pinedale Water District, Fresno, California : Aegis Grounwater Consulting, LLC, Fresno, CA

Madera Irrigations District Blunt Nosed Leopard Surveys, Madera California 

C3ET Transmission Line, Southern and Central San Joaquin Valley, California : ICF/Jones & Stokes, Sacramento, CA

Clark County Botanical Surveys, Clark County, Nevada 

Preservation Ranch Botanical Surveys, Sonoma California 

Turlock Irrigation District Transmission Line Biolgical Assessment, Turlock California

Glass Nesting Bird and Raptor Survey, Oakhurst California

CalNev Gas Pipeline (Botanical and Tortoise Surveys), Mojave Deserts of California & Nevada East Mojave Desert Solar Projects, East of Barstow California

Ausra Solar Project (Blunt Nosed Leopard Lizard Surveys), North of the Carrizo Plain California

Goodsprings Compressor Station Exploratory Drilling Project, Goodsprings Nevada

Lansing​ Ranch Dairy (Biological and Wetlands Assessment), Kings County California 

Lone Oak Ranch Dairy (Biological and Wetlands Assessment), Kings County California 

TeVelde Dairy (Biological and Wetlands Assessment), Kings County California 

Westeyn Dairy (Biological and Wetlands Assessment), Colusa County California 

Van Tol Dairy (Biological Assessment, and Protocol Burrowing Owl Survey), Colusa County California 

Auburn-Costco Biological and Botanical Assessment, Auburn California 

Hayward-Costco Botanical Assessment, Hayward California 

The previous list of projects is only partial representation of all the projects Alphabiota has provided services.  Note: We provide services throughout the Western United States.